Rob Hays, Faculty

Rob Hays, NCC Faculty

He's been a daily newspaper reporter, an editor, and an award-winning columnist. Professor Rob Hays knows writing from the inside-out, and he shows students the pathways to professional writing careers, whether that's in news media, corporate communications, non-profits or community relations.

"Nothing can top the satisfaction of seeing our students succeed academically and professionally, and to know that NCC made a difference in their lives," professor Hays says.

Delivering to students a skills-based grounding in professional communications is Hays' specialty. The essentials include news reporting and business writing. A champion of journalistic integrity, Hayes encourages students to work on NCC's student newspaper, The Commuter. "Our students like making a difference by accurately reporting on things that matter to the NCC community. Sometimes, the new touches a nerve or discusses a disturbing subject, but that's our job. Our goal is not to be liked, but to be a respected must-read source for anyone at the college."