Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship Certificate @NCC

The Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship Non-Credit Certificate (CIENC 400) is a 168 hour virtual program focusing on the nuts and bolts of owning and managing a small business. This certificate consists of 4 courses where participants will be able to complete the entire program in 14 weeks. Each course will be between 5 to 9 weeks long.

Full course descriptions are below:

54 Hour Product Development - Virtual
For any small business to survive and thrive, continuous product and service development is vital. But this process is costly. Participants will learn what role “design thinking” plays in product and service development including testing prototypes for both product and service based businesses.

54 Hour Customer Discovery - Virtual
Getting, keeping and growing customers is the key to success of any business. In this context, think about how marketing and sales have changed in the last 20 years and the role social media has played in transforming how companies market their products and services to end users. In this course participants will be introduced to innovative methods of getting, keeping and growing their customer base.

30 Hour Business Financing - Virtual
Finding new sources of capital is critical for any small business. This course will explore alternative means of financing that small business owners can utilize, such as: utilizing cash flow effectively, factoring purchase orders and accounts receivable, and exploring local financing opportunities.

30 Hour Smart Recruting & Retention - Virtual
As a small business owner, hiring and managing qualified employees is never easy. This course will focus on innovative strategies along with state and federal employment laws to bring new employees onboard and once you build your team, learn how to motivate and keep them.

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