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Check out a few student testimonials here:

woman at a deskI really appreciated your help and always being there for me. I'm always telling my friends to take advantage of the career and internship services at NCC because an internship will look good on your resume.
Computer Aided Design major

My internship was an experience well worth the time. I owe it to my employer for believing in my potential as a good intern and for presenting me the chance to go from intern to employee.
Computer Science major

My first job shadow experience was quite successful. The experience, though brief, has helped guide me further towards my life decisions and career goals. I definitely took away from the experience a sense of definite in my career choice.
Pre-medical Biology major

At the end of my internship I was hired by my employer as part of his full time staff. It was not by luck. I was properly armed for the professional battlefield by Janice Kenyatta at the Internship Office. Without that, I'm not sure things would have gone the way they did!
Computer Maintenance major

Thank you so much again for the internship opportunity!  It really has made a positive impact on my life and was an amazing experience!  I now have an advantage over a lot of people because many people in my current position do not have real world on the job experience and I have you to thank for giving me the chance to have that valuable experience that I am able to tell potential employers. 
Computer Science major

Without the internship I'm not sure if I would have received a job offer from the employer.  It allowed me to learn new skills and gave me the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities to a possible employer.  This internship was worth more than I realized at the time!
Computer Aided Design major

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