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Professional Edge Certificate

Upcoming PEC Events

Spring 2020 Event Schedule (PDF)

The Professional Edge Certificate program features a combined seven hours of interactive training covering topics including resumes, cover letters, interviewing, networking, and LinkedIn. During this series, participants worked to strengthen their knowledge of professional communication and etiquette. They also learned the importance of maintaining a positive personal brand. Anyone looking to sign up to get started can simply email

Fast Facts About the PEC

1.    Program requirements are offered in a variety of way depending on the specific requirement. Options may include: scheduled events, online module, and individual appointments.

2.    Program events are offered every Fall and Spring semester at both the Bethlehem and Monroe campuses.

3.    Requirements completed in previous semesters roll over into new semesters allowing you to take as many semesters as you need to complete it.

4.    Perks of completing the full PEC program include: a standardized letter of recommendation from the Career Services office, a certificate of completion, and your name being featured on the college website. 

5.       When surveyed, 100% of program completers expressed feeling that they benefited from completing this program.

PEC Completion Records

The following individuals have completed the Professional Edge Certificate.

2018-2019 Completions:
NikNurdra Amran, Rachel Bealer, Shayna Canty, Jennifer Dries, Ashley Klostermann, Rocio MacEachern, Sabiha Prema, Megan Quincin, Ashley Rasmussen, Phil Romansky, Amr Shehata; Maura Silvius

2017-2018 Completions:
Nadine Aly, Annisa Amatul Muqtadir, Tasia Anderson, Fadriati Anugrah, Kristen Cervenak, Lee-Ann Denner, Caileen Dollard, Ryan Ferra, Daoni Fortune, Amsa Hussain, Caitlin Jerden, Amanda Jones, Stacie Jones, Tyrell Jones, Eleftheria Louca, Karen Marks, Lolya McWest, Joseph Mokgopane, Joshalin Newton, Dominick Pekar, Jesse Sharpe

2016 - 2017 Completions:
Christina Adams, Morgan Contoleon, Christopher Costanza, Quetcy Dueno, Dila Gruscu, Hadeel Issa, Nadjarathou Raicha Kamara, Mario Lozano, Amany Mansor, Karen Marks, Victoria Martine, Lolya McWest, Khaoula Neji, Joseph Pemberton, Irene Price, Erica Sanchez, Ashlyn Summers, Victoria Wright  

2015 - 2016 Completions:
Lamia Belguesmi, Mark Crenshaw, Wijden Dahman, Alexis Davis, Himil Desai, Soni Diaz, Tamer Emara, Nicola Kaminski, Bridgett LaRocca, Linda Moody-Brown, Matthew Ostrow, Sara Reichard, Hunter Runge, Denice Speranza, Ai Vi Truong, Sarah Wheatley, Altiera Wiggins, Gonzalo Zermeno


"The Resume Lab was my favorite component because it allowed me to create a perfect resume which helped me in getting my internship and current job."
- Quetcy Dueno (Hospitality Management: Hotel graduate and 2016-2017 PEC completer)  

"I feel I benefited from completing this program because I had a lot of questions about creating a resume and cover letter that I would not have figured out if I hadn't taken this program. I had always thought of making a resume and cover letter, but I wouldn't have done it on my own. This program helped me help myself in getting my resume started and completed." 
- Christopher Costanza (CAD graduate and 2016-2017 PEC completer)  

"The Career Fair was my favorite component of the PEC program because it gave me an opportunity to see certain companies in the medical field that I did not realize were there. And I was able to communicate with the employers to see if they had openings that would match my current skill level. I already have an interview with one of the places I had stopped at and now I think I finally might have a chance of getting my foot in the door before I have my degree. Experience is very important to the employers in this field so it is hard to get in, but with the help of the job fair I can get the needed experience for when I do graduate."
- Sarah Wheatley (Business Management major and 2015-2016 PEC completer)