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Entrepreneur in Residence

Steven Follett

Steve Follett

September 16–20, 2019

Steve was Chairman and CEO of Follett Corporation for twenty-five years, retiring from the business in March of 2019. Follett is an industry leader since 1948 in designing and manufacturing high-quality, innovative ice and refrigeration-related products for foodservice and healthcare markets. With a BS in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from Cornell University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University, Steve joined Follett Corporation in 1987 after two years with The Trane Company and five years with IBM Corporation. 

Steve is actively involved in the local community, and has served on both business and nonprofit boards. He served on the Board of Asbury Carbons in Asbury, New Jersey, and Cornell Ironworks in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania. He is currently a member of the Board of Trustees of Lehigh Valley Health Network and the Foundation Board of Northampton Community College. He is also active in leadership positions at Grace Church of Bethlehem.

Fred Rooney

Fred Rooney

October 21-25, 2019

Attorney Fred Rooney is the President/CEO of the Consortium on Access to Justice. The goal of the Consortium of Access to Justice is to provide targeted training to legal professionals to ensure the expansion of, and access to, qualified legal services to communities who lack sufficient affordable legal resources, so that any individual or entity can access well-trained lawyers that will provide affordable legal services

Since December 2016, Fred began working on legal incubator development as a Fulbright Scholar with the Peace & Justice Network (PJN) located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Fred also designed and launched the City University of New York (CUNY) School of Law’s nationally and internationally recognized Incubator for Justice

Fred is fluent in Spanish and his advocacy on behalf of vulnerable individuals and marginalized communities, his academic background in bicultural/bilingual studies and law and the decades that he has spent working in Europe, Asia and Latin America provide him with an ability to navigate comfortably with individuals from all walks of life. His work in the development of post-graduate legal education and the powerful incubator that he began in 2007 are encouraging law schools to rethink their responsibilities to their graduates and to the millions of individuals in the US who lack access to justice.

Peter Luethi

Peter Luethi

November 16-20, 2019

Peter currently holds the position of advisor to the CEO of Dreamjet SAS which is stationed in the USA. Peter is a co-founder and shareholder of Dreamjet after the airline was built from scratch and registered in 2013. He has proven capabilities in managing multicultural organizations with specific experience in change management, restructuring of organizations, integration of new partner airlines as well as the reduction of business units. 

Peter has taken many management and marketing courses during his educational career at Persens, St. Gallen, AMDI, and Harvard University. Peter is also very involved in the community as he is the Class Chairman for the Harvard Alumni Association, a part of the Harvard Club, the Wings Club, President of the Association Amigos da Canto Verde, and is also a part of the Vaughn College, International Advisory Board.