2023-24 Startup Boot Camp

The Startup Boot Camp is a structured program that provides resources, preparation, and mentoring to Northampton Community College students interested in developing an idea they have been working on. The ideas can be geared towards both business and social ventures. Students enrolled in the boot camp will have an opportunity to earn 5 credits (3-credits "Entrepreneurial Mindset" course in Fall 2023 and 2-credits "Prototype Development" course in Spring 2024). The camp is sponsored by the Follett Family Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Northampton Community College and will begin in Fall 2023 and conclude in Spring 2024. The program will end with a student pitch competition in April. The total length of the program is 28 weeks.

Based on the number of applications we receive, 15 student-led ideas will be selected to participate in the 28-week program. You can submit up to two ideas for consideration. If you are submitting more than one idea, then submit one application per idea. Ten $1,600 scholarships will be made available to students accepted into the program. This application will also serve as your scholarship application for the program. In order to apply, you have to be a current NCC student in fall 2023 and be enrolled in at least 6 credits.

The deadline to apply is August 18, 2023. Scholarship recipients will be notified on August 23, 2023.

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Testimonials from our Participants

Afi Laeticia
Founder, Teach Them Young

"The Bootcamp taught me things that I never thought I would develop such as: bringing my idea to be unique and to satisfy my customers but also to the realization of a perfect prototype. I developed a satisfactory value proposition to meet my customer's needs. I learned to have a perfect mastery of computer tools such as PowerPoint and to better sell my ideas on the market despite the competition."

Nevy Harris
Founder, PhanTom

"I really enjoyed the boot camp. I got to meet really passionate people and get their valuable feedback on my product. Getting the opportunity to utilize the resources in the Fab Lab to create a prototype for the Student Business Pitch Competition was really fun. The best part about the boot camp for me was watching my fellow boot campers practice presenting their presentations. They all had so much passion. I plan on signing up for the program again for spring 2020!”

Muhammad Hamza
Founder, Azfa Impex

"There are many things I learned from the Bootcamp program such new unique ideas about e-commerce websites. The program really helped to think that how businesses worked in real life. It actually gave me opportunity to develop my new skills and knowledge in business world. I would highly recommend that no matter what person is doing in business they should pursue this program for deep understanding in more in business."

Kevin Legrand
Founder, TruAir

“The first couple of weeks are really crucial in determining if your business is really viable. This is where you really sit down and decide what you want your business to accomplish and how you want it to do it. My favorite part of the program was the pitch competition because everyone has all these emotions building up that allows them to give a moving pitch.”

Amadou Camara
Founder, People’s Champion

“When I was accepted into the program my doubts of not being capable to bring my ideas into life faded away. From that moment I knew that I was about to work on my idea for real. For me, every single week was important. I took every week as an opportunity to learn and to exchange with people that I knew could help me move forward. My favorite memory was working on my prototype inside the Fab Lab with the staff members.”

Brian Duben
Founder, Rally Point

“Going through the boot camp and the actual pitch competition added to my confidence. This confidence fueled my creativity and allowed me to push past some barriers I had for myself.”

Joan Avornu
Founder, Vmatch

“I was privileged to take part in the business pitch competition where I went through the 8 week boot camp to polish my idea into a marketable one. I'm glad I was a part of the first edition of this program because it helped me develop my idea; Vmatch (building the culture of high school volunteering in Ghana) into one that I can pitch anywhere now and later. My best week was the fifth week when we had our first pitching trial. The constructive criticisms I received from Raja and Professor Sue and my colleagues pushed me to put more effort into doing my homework.”