Vision, Mission and Core Values

The Follett Family Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE)

The CIE understands entrepreneurship as a process of discovering opportunities. We understand entrepreneurial mindset as a set of skills that increase motivation. We embrace hustle, grit, and resiliency because they are the means by which we make our communities better, and help individuals to reach their full potential.


We are the college and community resource committed to supporting innovative thinking and entrepreneurial actions.


To foster innovative thinking and creative use of technology to develop life skills that drive the mindset of success.

Core Values

  • Community: We are of, and for, a just and equitable community
  • Creativity: We value collective and diverse imagination - any idea can be realized
  • Curiosity and Innovation: We promote the discovery of inventive solutions to a wide range of business and social problems
  • Opportunity: We embrace risks and learn from failure(s)
  • Support: We are a collaborative space to exercise bravery and work through the intimidation of new and challenging ideas