Current Workshops

CIENC 105 - Digital Story Telling

Creating a brand is important for any startup or small business. An important step in creating a brand is telling your story. This class will teach you how to build and tell that story digitally. By employing technology, you can make your story go viral and reach audiences that were beyond your reach before. It is not a secret that the most effective way to sell products and services are through stories.

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CIENC 106 - Financing Startups & Small Businesses

Financing your start-up or small business is one of the most important steps you will take as an owner. How you finance your venture makes all the difference in the world. Securing the right type of financing is a long and arduous process. As an owner, you have to be diligent and careful. How you capitalize your startup, or your existing business should be treated with high importance for it can affect every aspect of your business. This interactive session is applicable to both startup founders and small business owners and will focus on effective ways to capitalize businesses.

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CIENC 108 - Design Thinking 101 for Educators and Practitioners

Design thinking is an experiential hands-on problem-solving tool that promotes collaboration and dialogue to bring superior products and services that meets your user’s needs. This four-part workshop will teach and provide tools to implement design thinking inside your classrooms, departments or businesses, no matter the size.

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CIENC 109 - Burmese Basic Computer Skills for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

This basic computer skills course is designed to meet Burmese small to micro business owners' needs with limited English capabilities. This beginner course will provide information with minimal technical jargon, broken into components that will help you start a small business or manage an existing business for growth. Classes are held on Eastern Standard Time.

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