Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Learning Center open?

The Learning Center is open Monday through Friday during both the Fall and Spring semesters. Online tutoring is available throughout all semesters, with hours subject to change based on an "as needed" basis. Please be sure to check our available tutoring schedules here.

If I encounter tech issues during my online session, where should I go?

The Learning Center's online tutoring services invites both students and tutors to utilize the "Virtual Front Desk" feature. This will allow you to speak to one of our front desk student assistants, receptionists, coordinators, or directors. Moreover, if you’d like to report an issue, you can email us at the following:; or call us and leave a message: (610) 861-5517.

For assistance specifically with Blackboard, you can call the Blackboard Support Line at (610) 332-6089 and leave a message. A member of Online Learning, or a Blackboard Help Desk representative, will return your call to assist you.

I'm at my online tutoring appointment, but there's a black screen and no one's here; what should I do?

If you want to notify your tutor that you've arrived, simply follow these steps: click on the purple arrow in the corner (the collaborative panel), click on the chat bubble, and then say "hello" to your tutor!

If you require further assistance, please visit the Virtual Front Desk.

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