Hours/Contact Information

The Learning Center is fully online as of March 23, 2020. Please contact anyone below for assistance.

Bethlehem Campus Learning Center 

We are located online: www.northampton.mywconline.com  

For hours and tutoring availability, click here.
Phone: 610.861.5517 
Email: tutoring@northampton.edu 

Monroe Campus Learning Center 

We are located in online: www.northampton.mywconline.com  

For hours and tutoring availabilityclick here. 

Call: 570.369.1820 

Email: mclc@northampton.edu 

Learning Center Administrative Staff: 

Learning Center Director: Eileen Brumitt, ebrumitt@northampton.edu 

Learning Center Assistant Director, Monroe Campus: Barry Saturen, bsaturen@northampton.edu 

Math Coordinator: Lifen Yang, lyang@northampton.edu 

Subject and Academic Coaching Coordinator: Stacie Phillips, sphillps@northampton.edu 

Science Resource Center Coordinator: Gerri Bunnion-O'Dowd, gbunnionodowd@northampton.edu 

Writing Tutoring Manager (2019/2020): Edward Probasco, eprobasco@northampton.edu 

Learning Center Secretary, Bethlehem: Terry Brindisi, tbrindisi@northampton.edu 

Learning Center Secretary, Monroe: Joan Schliewenz, jschliewenz@northampton.edu