Pre-semester Checklist

Are you ready to begin your semester? Click on the items below to explore our pre-semester checklist. Use this information to prepare for your upcoming semester. 

Register For Courses

  • Speak with an advisor and register for courses.
  • To register, log onto Workday then click on Academics. Register using an academic plan you created with an advisor or select courses individually by clicking on "Find Course Sections and Register". Instructions are provided here. Use the filter options to make sure you are choosing the course format you desire. A video tutorial is available here
  • Click here to review the differences between the different types of course formats so you can try to select the formats that are the best fit for you. Additional information is provided here.
  • Unsure of what you want to major in?
    • Click here learn more about NCC’s program options.
    • Click here to connect with our Center for Career Development who can assist you with exploring options.

Manage Your Finances

  • Apply for financial aid annually. To check your aid status and accept aid, log in to Workday and review notices in your inbox.
  • Review scholarships and apply for them.
  • Review information about CARES Act/COVID-19 Relief Funding.
  • Pay tuition via Workday. Log in to Workday and click into the Finances area to find your bill. Questions about the bill? Contact the Bursar's Office - Bethlehem (610) 861-5407 or Monroe (570) 369-1800. Questions about your financial aid? Contact the Financial Aid Office - Bethlehem (610) 861-5510 or Monroe (570) 369-1801 or meet with them virtually here.

Review Important Semester Dates and Details

  • Review the Academic Calendar webpage for important semester dates including semester start dates, end dates, final exam timing, and college closures. Note that multiple calendars are listed for spring, summer, and fall so be sure to look at the calendar(s) that correspond to the courses you registered for (i.e. 14 week, Accelerated 1, Accelerated 2, Mid-Semester).
  • Make sure to specifically review your course schedule, checking when/where any course meetings occur, as well as the course format you selected. If you're not sure when your classes begin or end, this video demonstrates how to find course information in Workday. Click here to review the differences between the different types of course formats.

Purchase/Rent Textbooks and Other Required Materials

  • Click here to access the NCC Bookstore website. To shop, click on Textbooks - Shop by Course and search for your courses. Note that Monroe campus courses will be listed with the Monroe Campus but all other courses are listed as Northampton Community College. Some courses include an electronic textbook as part of your tuition bill. If you look up these courses on the bookstore website, a section note will be provided that will explain this so you know not to purchase it. To look up courses, you'll need to know your section number. If you're not sure of your section numbers, this video demonstrates how to find course information in Workday.
  • General Rule: Do not open your textbooks until your professors confirm you will need them. If you do not need your textbook, you can return it. Some professors put copies of textbooks in the library for your use. Financial aid can be used for course materials purchased/rented through the Bookstore.
  • Click here for some general information about ebook purchasing and renting. 

Familiarize Yourself With Technology

  • Check out the student technology prep session for information on the most common technologies used by NCC students. Technology covered includes Multifactor Authentication (MFA), Workday, Blackboard, Office365, ebooks, and Zoom.
  • Subscribe to our NCC Student Tech Support YouTube Channel for helpful video tutorials. 
  • Students are encouraged to sign up to receive NCC Text Alerts. Alerts will notify students of school closings, delays, and emergency notifications.
  • Students can access their course pages on Blackboard about 3 days prior to to each course's start date. Open Blackboard and login using your NCC credentials (the same username/password you use for Workday).This video playlist features videos that demonstrate how to log in to Blackboard and how to get started after logging in.

Additional Course Preparation

  • Review the Preparing for Classes module. It’s a quick and helpful resource for you!
  • Students with disabilities can contact our Accessibility Resource Center to inquire about receiving accommodations.
  • Review your course syllabi. Syllabi for most online course sections will be listed here shortly before the semester begins. Use the advanced search options to find your specific courses and review your syllabi. Instructors may also email you your syllabus near the start of the semester and/or post their syllabus in their Blackboard course page.
  • Start exploring your course Blackboard pages. Most online courses and many on-campus courses use Blackboard. Blackboard is a website that can be accessed by any computer, tablet, or smartphone. It is strongly recommended that you use the Google Chrome Browser to access it. Although there is a mobile app, it does not provide the same content as the website provides. The website should be the primary way that students access course content.
  • About 3 days prior to your course start date, you'll be able to log in to your Blackboard course page. To access these pages, log in to Blackboard, and select your course from the course page. Some instructors may not give course page access until closer to the start date. Email us if you still need access on the first day of the course. Refer here for Blackboard login instructions.
  • Many instructors will send out a start-of-semester message to their students near the start of the semester. They may post this on Blackboard or email it directly to their students' NCC email addresses. This message may provide details on how to get started with their specific course.


  • Are you graduating this semester? Be sure to apply for graduation in Workday, if you haven't already done so. Click here for more information.
  • Click here to review the process to request a name change in the NCC system.
  • Do you need childcare? Childcare centers are available at our Bethlehem and Monroe Campuses. Click here for more information.
  • NCC ID's are required for students who visit our campuses. Click here for more information or if you would like to request an NCC student ID.
  • Are you looking into public transportation options? LANTA offers transportation to our Bethlehem campuses. Pocono Pony offers transportation to our Monroe campus.
  • Review the student resource one page for additional help.
  • If you have not completed the Starfish Intake, please do (quick how to video).  It just takes a few minutes and provides the College with info to better support you. Click here to open the Starfish website.