Luther Casner, Business management major

First-generation college student 

When Luther Casner graduated from high school, he enlisted in the Army. It was pre-9-11, but Luther felt strongly that serving his country was important. And serve he did. Now as a veteran of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team 10th Mountain Division, ALPHA Company 2-14 Infantry-home of the Golden Dragons whose proud history dates back to the Civil War-Luther hopes to distinguish himself in civilian life working in human resources. Although he has a family to support, a scholarship for veterans, their children and current members of the armed services is making it possible for him to take the old Army slogan -Be All You Can Be-to heart. He uses the time management skills he developed in the service every day as he juggles school with family responsibilities and volunteer work as an emergency medical technician, a youth soccer coach and as president of NCC's Band of Brothers. Thanks to the scholarship, this vet has a new mission in life.