Stacey J. Vargas, General studies major

NCC Foundation Scholarship Recipient

A 24-year-old single mother with two children ages 7 and 9, Stacey Vargas works full-time, as she has since the age of fifteen. She is on her own, having no biological family members to offer support-financial, practical, or emotional. She has not let these challenges thwart her goal of earning a general studies degree in preparation for a nursing degree and a career as a certified nurse anesthetist. Her ultimate goal is to save people's lives. "I am extremely grateful to receive this scholarship," Stacey says. "My great-grandmother always told me that the best thing you can do in life is to be selfless and give to others." Stacey teaches her children the importance of helping others by involving them in her volunteer work. "We have lived through struggles and know what it feels like, so we are always finding ways to give, even if it means just giving our time."

53% of NCC students need financial aid to pursue a college education.