Transforming Lives: Monroe County

The Transforming Lives campaign in Monroe County will help ensure access to a Northampton education for the students who need Northampton the most, while deepening students' education through experiential learning and study abroad.

Although a college education has never been more important, it has also never been more expensive. Northampton works hard to keep tuition down. We are proud to be one of the most affordable college options for Monroe County residents, but more than 50% of our students would not be able to attend without financial aid.  

Federal and state aid helps, but falls short of covering expenses such as transportation, food and housing. Students are forced to make tough choices. Some take on second or even third jobs. Others cut back course loads or try to go without books. Still others give up and drop out, seeing no way to continue.  

Sometimes as little as $500 - $1000 can make the difference. Funds raised for the Transforming Lives campaign will support scholarships that can close the financial gap for students for whom a college education is out of reach, forever changing the trajectory of their lives. 

Monroe County fall foliage

Experiential Learning

Not all learning occurs in the classroom. Northampton excels in marrying theory and practice. Clinical rotations, internships, service learning projects and study abroad all help students develop the skills and competencies needed for real-world success.

General studies major Grace Tallarico helped to build a wind turbine that brought electricity to a remote village in Peru. Unfortunately, with other bills to pay, many students cannot afford to undertake internships or to study abroad even over semester breaks. Whether it was converting 2D drawings to 3D models using AutoCAD at Harsco Industrial Patterson Kelley, or updating a website for Pocono Dome, students from Monroe County have learned a lot through internships provided by local employers. The benefits have been mutual.  Kalahari Resorts and Conventions, Monroe County Transportation Authority, Pocono Medical Center, and Price Motors are among the employers whose workforces now include former interns with strong skills and work ethics.  

The Transforming Lives campaign will provide stipends and scholarships that will enable more students to reap the rewards of experiential learning and to make positive contributions to the Monroe economy.

Monroe Campaign Committee Members

The Transforming Lives capital campaign is led by dedicated patrons of the college whose commitment to its students and their success is unmatched. Members of the Monroe Campaign Committee include:  

Honorary Chairs
Chuck & Joan Hannig
Karl & Ann Weiler

Working Chairs
Bruce & Trudi Denlinger

Committee Members
Gina Bertucci
Mark Erickson
Andy Forte
Gary Olson
Paul Schuchman
Steve Sheptak

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