Automatic Site Translation

English is the language used for content on Northampton Community College's website.  For anyone visiting the website who may not be proficient in English, free translation services are available on the web through various sources.  Some popular online translation services include the  Google Chrome web browser, which has an add-on translation feature for numerous languages.  Google Translate or  Bing Translator also offer students free and instantaneous webpage translation services.

Official Disclaimer

Be aware that automated computer translations are only an approximation of a website's original content. The translation may contain errors, including incorrect or offensive language, and should not be considered exact. Some content, such as photos, external sources, drop-down menus, videos, and PDF files may not be accurately translated or translated at all.   

Northampton Community College does not endorse the use of Google Chrome or services like Google Translate or Bing Translator; other translation services can be used to view our site. Translations are not exact and the College cannot guarantee their accuracy. Because of this, Northampton Community College is not liable for any issues that may arise as a result of the use of any translation services.  Use of these services is done so at the users' risk. Any discrepancies created in the automated translation of the original text are not binding.