Third Party or Employer Payments


Credit Program Sponsorship

Students sponsored by a third party are those who have all or a portion of their credit program tuition and/or fees paid by a third-party entity, such as an employer or other agency.

Written Authorization

In order to establish third-party billing with NCC, the third party must submit proof of sponsorship in writing each semester. The authorization must be signed and dated by an authorized official and may be in the form of a letter on company letterhead or a company-issued purchase order or voucher.

The written authorization must include:

  • Student name and address
  • Student ID number
  • Amount and description of tuition and fees being authorized
    (Tuition, institutional fees, academic fees, books, room and board, insurance)
  • Semester and year the authorization is valid
  • Special instructions, such as whether the student can receive sponsorship in addition to other forms of financial aid; whether the student is entitled to sponsorship if other forms of financial aid plus sponsorship will exceed their total bill
  • Third-party billing contact person name, address and telephone number

If the sponsor is not authorizing the entire semester bill, the student must satisfy the remaining balance by the tuition due date to guarantee their registration. The student is ultimately responsible for payment of their charges. Any charge not paid by the sponsor will be billed to the student.


Submit no later than two weeks prior to the tuition due date to:

Northampton Community College
Bursar's Office
3835 Green Pond Rd
Bethlehem, PA 18020

Or faxed to: 610.861.4111 Attn: Bursar's Office


The sponsor will be billed after the 3rd week of the semester and payment is due upon invoice. NCC does not accept third- party sponsorship contingent upon course completion or issuance of grades. Third parties must be willing to accept the refund policy of NCC and will be billed accordingly. Students are responsible for requesting a transcript of grades if required by funding agency. NCC will not provide grades.

Right of Refusal

NCC reserves the right to refuse sponsorship requests for any reason, including but not limited to, incomplete or missing information, sponsorship offered for students who are not in good academic or financial standing with the institution, or sponsors who have a negative financial history with the institution. Any student with an academic or financial hold will not be cleared to register until the hold is cleared, regardless of third party sponsorship availability.

NonCredit Programs - Community Education

Organizations wishing to register and pay for employees to take classes at NCC can now become an NCC Affiliate Organization and take advantage of our new LifeLearn web registration system.