NCC Payment FAQ


Northampton Community College payment information is a priority for your financial success.  The information below will tell you how to get access to your bill, how to make payment and how to receive a refund if you are eligible. We look forward to helping you with any financial questions you have and guiding you through the financial end of your education at Northampton Community College.

How To View and Print Statement

  1. Log into Workday and go to the “finances” app
  2. Click on “View Statement”
  3. Choose which semester’s statement you would like to view or print and click OK
  4. Scroll down to view complete statement or click “generate PDF” to download and print
  5. Workday will notify you when your statement is downloaded. Click “done”
  6. Click the bell icon at the top of the screen (1), click the notification that says “document
    available” on the left side of the screen (2), and click the blue link to open the PDF version of
    your statement and print (3).
    View Tutorial w/ Screenshots (PDF)

How to Make a Payment

  1. Log into Workday and click on the “finance” app
  2. Click “Make a Payment”
  3. Choose “online payment and payment plan” for payment description and make sure
    there is at least $1.00 in the “payment amount” section.
    *Note you are not making your payment on this page - Workday just requires you to put a dollar amount in that field so you can get to the online payment portal*
  4. Check the box that says “confirm” and hit okay
  5. When the payment portal page loads, click on “make a payment” on the left menu bar,
    enter your credit/debit card information, and click “continue”
    You should receive a receipt through your student email address after you make your payment. Be sure to check your statement to make sure your payment went through.
    *You can also sign up for the payment plan or invite someone else to pay your balance through the payment portal. Click on “overview” along the left menu bar and scroll down to find both links*
    View Tutorial w/ Screenshots PDF

How To Enroll in Payment Plan

  1. Log into Workday and click on “Finances”
  2. Select “make a payment”
  3. Enter “online payment and payment plan” as payment description, and enter payment amount
  4. You must check the box that says “confirm” and click “okay” again.
  5. Scroll down until you see “view payment plan options”- click on
    “view payment plan options”
  6. A window should pop up on the right side of your screen. It will show your breakdown of
    payments that will be due upon enrollment and during the following months. If you scroll down in the window you can see your total balance broken down into 5 payments and
    captions that say when each payment will be due. 
  7. If you decide you would like to enroll in the payment plan, click “enroll in plan” and sign the terms/conditions by checking the box at the bottom and entering your student ID as your e-signature. 
    Next you will enter your information (such as your name, email address, and credit card information) to complete the process of enrolling in the payment plan. When you enroll, you will be prompted to make a down payment and pay the $35 enrollment fee up front. 
    View Tutorial w/ Screenshots (PDF)

How to Select Refund Preference

Refunds will be paid to the student according to their original method of payment with the exception of A) contractual third party payments – refund payable to third party named, and B) excess parent plus loan funds – refund payable to the parent unless designated otherwise. Refunds for amounts paid to NCC by check are not processed until 2 weeks after the payment was deposited.

BankMobile Program

Northampton processes its refunds to credit students electronically through BankMobile. 

All NCC credit program students should select a refund preference in order to receive tuition (paid by check/money order) or financial aid refunds as soon as it is available (See Refund Policies). An email will be sent to their NCC student email and a letter will be mailed from BankMobile giving instructions to set their account up.  For more information go to

Remember to keep your address information updated with both NCC and BankMobile

Credit Card Refunds

Refunds are processed within 10 business days from the date refund is created to the original card used for payment.  If in the event the credit card is unable to be refunded, the student will receive a NCC check.

Why was my payment not applied to my current semester?

Payments are applied to oldest balance first. Payment plan payments will be applied to specific payment plan chosen at time of payment.

Is there a fee to sign up for the payment plan?

Yes, there is a $35 payment plan enrollment fee that is due each semester that you enroll in the payment plan.

I do not see charges on my account, but I just registered?

Tuition & Fees will run overnight and will be available by 5am the next morning.

Is there a fee if I miss a payment plan payment?

Yes, there is a $25 payment plan late fee that is applied to the student account for EACH late payment.

Do I need to sign up for the payment plan for each semester?

Yes, you must sign up for EACH semester separately.

If I enroll in the Payment Plan ONLINE are my payments automatically deducted monthly?

No, you must choose and sign up for auto payments, using the online student payment portal.

How can my parent, family member, friend or company pay for my tuition & fees?

Do Not Share your Student Login Information. Using the Online student payment portal – “Send a payer invitation”

Can I make my payment plan payments in person or place in drop box?

No, monthly payment plan payments should be made online so they are applied to the payment plan in order to pay down your payment plan balance due.

My Bursar/Tuition Bill shows Anticipated Aid, do I need to make a payment or go on the payment plan?

If the pending aid is less than the balance due, you must make a payment for the difference not covered by financial aid or enroll in the payment plan (if available) for that amount.

I have Pending Financial Aid - How do I figure out amount due?

Is anticipated aid more or less than balance due?

  • If anticipated is greater than no payment is due
  • If balance due is greater than pay the difference
    (Balance – Anticipated Aid = Balance Due)

Where can I find all of the important semester dates

View our Academic calendar to find all important dates for each semester.

Where can I find contact information related to my finances at NCC??

Financial Aid – Main Campus
Phone 610-861-5510
Fax 610-861-4565

Registration and Student Records
Phone 610-861-5494
Fax 610-861-5551

Bursar’s Office – Main Campus
Phone 610-861-5407
Fax 610-861-4111

Enrollment Services – Monroe Campus
Phone 570-369-1800

View Workday Setup (PDF)