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If you're an active duty military member or veteran, you must complete the same online application form as new students. 

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Thank you for choosing Northampton Community College (NCC) to further your education.

We are proud to be a Veterans Administration (VA) approved Institution of Higher Learning (IHL), which works with veterans and their dependents, guardsmen and reservists to help navigate through the process of securing VA education benefits. We also offer assistance with the application process for state and federal financial aid through the FAFSA website ( by trained and qualified financial aid advisors with training through membership in NASFAA, PASFAA, EASFAA, and FSA Conference.

The application for Financial Aid must be initiated by the student for Grants and Loans through the completion of the Federal FAFSA Application.   No awards can be offered until completed files have been uploaded from the Federal Processing System.

Visit the Veterans' Admissions page to get started with the Admissions process.

Once you are enrolled as an NCC student, you will be able to visit the MyNCC student portal to take advantage of our extensive list of information that will help you as you navigate your education, including:

  • Financial Aid for Veterans
  • What Chapter Am I?
  • VA General Information
  • VA Education Benefits
  • Federal Tuition & Additional Assistance
  • DD214 or NOBE Online
  • Catch the Wave
  • PA National Guard EAP
  • ROTC
  • eBenefits
  • Useful Links & Numbers
  • Jobs and Career Assistance

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Best Wishes as you proceed toward your higher education goal!

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