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Blackboard Learn™ is the Learning Management System for all online, campus and hybrid courses. Read below for more information on the features of the Blackboard Learn™ platform.

Blackboard & Educational Technology Resources

The Blackboard Learning System™ is an industry-leading software application used to power virtual learning environments, supplement classroom education and as a platform for online learning programs. Featuring a robust core set of capabilities that enable instructors to efficiently manage courses, author content, create assignments, and foster collaboration, among other key functions. Some of these features are:

  1. Contextual Menus
  2. Grade Center
  3. Safe Assign Anti Plagiarism Tool
  4. Interactive Rubrics
  5. Rich Media Integration of McGraw Hill, Wiley and Pearson Publishing training materials
  6. Web 2.0 tools
  7. Collaborate - Web-Conferencing Tool
  8. xpLor Content Repository
  9. e-Portfolio
  10. Mobile Learn
  11. Community

Training Choices

Throughout the academic year training sessions are offered on a variety of topics which include Blackboard and other technologies. These sessions are delivered face-to-face on both the Main and Monroe Campus as well as online through Blackboard's Web-Conferencing Tool, Collaborate.

Online Registration for all Blackboard & Technology Training sessions is preferred. Click on the following link to register:

Training Topics (Online Pre-registration Required)

For instructors who are new to the Blackboard platform, or for those instructors who need to refresh their learning on a particular area of Blackboard, we offer training on the following:

  1. Getting Started in Blackboard: Including Building and Customizing your Quality Designed Course and Setting up Grade Center.
    New Features in Blackboard Learn™
  2. (new) xpLor - is a cloud-based, global learning object repository for authoring, copyright, sharing, and discovery of rich educational materials and open educational resources.
  3. (new) Mobile Learn - The Blackboard Mobile™ Learn Free platform takes interactive teaching and learning mobile, giving access to courses, content and organizations on a variety of devices.
  4. (new) ePortfolios - An ePortfolio is a collection of a student's work in electronic format that shows the learning journey over time.
  5. (new) Community Engagement - Use these tools to discover, connect, communicate and collaborate with your learning network.
  6. Lecture Capture & Films on Demand - Recordings of classroom-based activities that are made available for review after the class. Films on Demand
    Streaming video covering the humanities, social sciences, science, business, economics, and health
  7. Faronics Insight  (Classroom Control Software) - Insight is your own personal classroom monitor. You can keep an eye on everyone's work and it gives you the tools you need to control sources of distraction, monitor student computers and get everyone to the same place at the same time.
  8. Rubrics - A rubric is an assessment tool listing evaluation criteria for an assignment, and provides a way to convey to students your expectations for the quality of completed assignments.
  9. Web 2.0 Tools - Interactive online tools to promote student learning and engagement. Social networking, Blogs, etc.

Online Registration for all Blackboard & Technology Training sessions is preferred. Click on the following link to register:

All Bethlehem Campus, Monroe Campus and Online Training Sessions are open to ALL Faculty.

Training Resources

Self-paced training using the step-by-step training documents and multimedia tutorials are available for you on a 24/7 basis.

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