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Online Tech Help and Requirements

The following technology is required for online courses (online, remote, and online-blended) as well as on-campus courses that utilize Blackboard or online instructional tools:

  • Reliable access to a standard computer (PC with Windows or Mac) or Chromebook.
    • iPads, tablets, and smart phones may not work with software in online courses. 
    • Local students can utilize on-campus computer labs. Most of our computer labs are located in our libraries. Click here for library locations and business hours. 
    • NCC's Helpdesk has a limited number of Chromebooks to loan out to students. For more information, please email or call 610-861-5413.  
  • Strong internet connectionHigh speed broadband internet access (LAN, Cable or DSL) is highly recommended. Note that the following factors can negatively impact your internet strength:
    • Using a shared Internet connection could impact connectivity – shared connection could include streaming TV, gaming, or other online activities.
    • Using wireless connections – connectivity could be impacted by the distance from the router (wired connections are better for connectivity).
    • Service from your internet provider may vary throughout the day due to community usage.

Remote and online-blended courses require online live meetings via video conferencing tools. Additionally, other NCC courses ( online, hybrid, or on-site) may include assignments that require access to a computer equipped with a camera and microphone. We recommend that students have access to a computer that is equipped with a camera and microphone.

  • Camera and microphone can be built in to the device or purchased separately and plugged in.
  • Plug in cameras and microphones can be purchased from the NCC bookstore, Walmart, Amazon, and many other stores. 


Course Technology Help Tool

Are you having trouble with technology that is used in your course?

  1. Scroll through the list of course technology below or use the search box to type in the specific technology that you need help with.
  2. Click on each item to access helpful student support information. 



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