Workday Student FAQ

NCC is transitioning systems for the fall term and you’ll need to use our Workday Student System to apply, register, find your advisor, view your financial information and more. Watch our video and view our FAQs below to learn more.


Workday for Students Frequently Asked Questions

I want to take Winter Courses - how do I apply and register?

New or re-admit students should create an account and complete an application in our Admissions Portal. After your application has been processed, you'll receive your account information to log into our Workday Student Portal. Search and register for courses in the Winter academic period. Winter classes are denoted with "WINT-01" in the course section. 

I applied for Fall 21 but haven’t received my Workday account information.

If you applied for a Special Admissions program, such as Nursing, Dental Hygiene, etc. you will not receive your Workday account information until you are admitted to the program.

I don’t have a cell phone to set up Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). Why do I need to use MFA?

You can receive a call on a land line, instead of receiving a text message or downloading the MS Authenticator app. MFA is an important, required part of the security for the Workday system, to help ensure authorized access to your personal and student information.

I applied to the College as a “readmit” student, and last took a class at NCC before Fall 2016. When I first login to the system, I can’t see my historical records – is that a problem?

In the Workday system, students who have not taken a class at NCC since Fall 2016 are considered historical. It takes a few days for the historical transcript information to appear on the student record.

I took classes at another institution, and noted on my application that I am a “transfer” student. When I first login to the system, I can’t see the courses from my external transcript.

Once we receive the official external transcript, it will take a few days to update your record for the courses you have taken at another institution, and the equivalencies.

Once I create a schedule for Fall 21, am I automatically registered for the classes?

You will need to wait until the date and time on your registration appointment before you can register for classes. Then, you can register from your schedule at any time after that date/time. Creating a schedule allows you to be ready to click “register”. You will NOT be automatically registered in the courses from the schedule you create – you must take the action to register.

Why is the system preventing me from registering? It says I have a HOLD.

There are several types of HOLDS which may prevent you from registering. You could have an overdue balance, and will need to see the Bursar. If you’re a first time full time student, you will need to complete your Online Orientation. If you still have “onboarding items” in your INBOX, you need to complete them to remove the Registration Onboarding HOLD. If you are a full time students registered for 12 or more credits at any time during the Spring semester, you will need to see an Advisor to have the Advisor HOLD removed. You can see your HOLDs when you login to the system and go to the Academics application.

HOLDS must be cleared before you can register, and you have not registered until you click REGISTER

View Registration Checklist

(1) Check & resolve any HOLDs (Complete INBOX items, see your advisor, complete your orientation) - click Academics icon, click View My Holds and enter your name 

(2) Select “Find Course Sections” – enter Fall 2021 and Undergraduate &/or Developmental – press Submit and then search/select your courses

(3) Check if you get an “eligibility” error for a particular course – use the Troubleshoot button for help;

(4) You will see a REGISTER button if you cleared your HOLDS - you have not registered until you click REGISTER

(5) Select “View My Courses” to review your registrations.

Where can I find my advisor name and contact information?

Login to Workday, and select the Academics application. Then, go to My Academics, and select “View My Support Network”

I need to update my name and address. Where do I update this information?

Login to Workday, and select the cloud (or your picture if uploaded), in the upper right corner. Select View Profile, then Personal or Contact to change your information. You can also select the Actions button at the top, and navigate to different tasks that way. Note: after you submit an address change, if you have moved into Northampton or Monroe county, you may receive an INBOX item to complete a “residency questionnaire” and provide proof of residency by uploading documentation.

I registered for courses, but can’t see how much I owe or where to pay.

Billing charges are updated each evening in Workday, so any changes to your Fall 2021 course registrations during the day will update overnight. You will see the new balance and any adjustments for adds/drops after 5 am the following day. Login to Workday, select Finances application to see your charges, statement, financial aid, make a payment and set up payment plans.

*NOTE: We are continuing to transition systems this summer, so please continue to use MyNCC for any Spring, Summer, or earlier charges and payments.

Why are we moving from MyNCC to Workday?

The MyNCC system is approaching 30 years old, is reaching end of life, and has not had significant updates in several years. NCC initiated a project several years ago to review systems to replace MyNCC and selected Workday. We are now implementing the system for Fall 21, but will continue to use MyNCC for Spring and Summer classes until September, then MyNCC will be turned off. Also, you CAN use the back arrow in Workday to navigate, and the SEARCH bar to find course information, classes and other items.

I am a current student – where should I look for Spring and Summer grades, and where should I request a transcript?

You should continue to use MyNCC for Spring and Summer course information, grades, transcripts, and graduation. Right now, we are using Workday to register for Fall courses. We will bring over Spring and Summer student information into Workday during the summer and all information will be in Workday by mid-September. We will then turn MyNCC off.

Where can I find videos and other information to help learn the Workday Student system, including how to register for Fall classes?

There is a Workday Student sharepoint site with Quick Reference Guides (QRGs), videos and other information. Go to, select MyNCC, then scroll down and select Student Workday Training Resources to access the materials. Use your email address and password to login to access. You can also login and directly access, and bookmark the resources site for future reference:

I don’t have a HOLD on my account, but I still can’t register for a particular course.

You may not have the pre-requisite, co-requisite, or permission to take the course. Also, check your academic history to see the classes you have taken – in the Academics application, go to Academic Records, and select View My Academic Record.

I want to see my overall GPA and my program of study GPA – where do I find that?

In the Academics application, go to Academic Progress – you will see both.

Where can I get help using the Workday system?

You can email the help desk at or call 610-861-5413. There is also information in the New Student Orientation (Fall 21), which can be accessed through – MyNCC – MyNCC resources page. The Student Orientation is required for first time full time students, but recommended and optional for others.

Where is my financial aid information in Workday?

Financial Aid information is included in the Finances application.

Is Workday the same as Blackboard?

No, Blackboard is the Learning Management system that you use for your coursework. Workday is the student information system which you will use to schedule and register for courses, pay your tuition bill, receive your financial aid, request transcripts, and perform other administrative and student information tasks.

How do I request an override, change of major, and other changes?

Login to Workday, go to Academics application, and look for the item in the Academic Planning, Advising, and other Help areas. You’ll need to enter information into the request form and submit. You will receive a response through your INBOX.

Why am I getting emails to take actions in my Workday INBOX?

Workday is set up to send emails and notifications when items are in your INBOX for you to act on. It’s a good practice to login regularly to Workday to check your information for any updates.