Hospitality Workshops

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So You Want to Open a Restaurant...
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own restaurant? The rewards can be great, but opening and operating a restaurant can have many challenges in this competitive world. This course will give you an overview on what it takes to select a location, develop a concept, manage daily operations, and other topics such as staffing, marketing, and managing finances.

So You Want to Purchase a Franchise...
Have you ever thought about what it would be like to own a Dairy Queen or Subway restaurant? Franchising can be an attractive alternative to opening up an independent restaurant or food service outlet. This course will give you an overview of what it is like to purchase and operate a successful franchise. Topics will include the franchisor/franchisee relationship, the pros and cons of franchising, and managing multiple properties.

Mixology I
Do you want to learn what it takes to impress guests and make money behind the bar? Making good cocktails and service with flair are two important things for a successful bartender. This 21 hour course will teach you the basics of bartending and mixology, everything you need to know from setting up the bar, making and serving cocktails, and dealing with difficult customers. The last day of the course will include TIPS/RAMP alcohol safety training and certification testing.

Mixology II
The second course in Northampton's Mixology series, Mixology II will provide you with more hands-on experience behind the bar. Participants will learn a variety of mixing techniques and become familiar with complex service, such as layering and flaming cocktails. The focus of this course will be on mastering current skills and spending time exploring new recipes and techniques. Prerequisite: Mixology I or previous bartending experience.

Responsible alcohol service is an essential part of working in the service industry. This course will provide students with the knowledge on how to serve safely and to know when not to serve. Topics will include alcohol law and your responsibility, recognizing and preventing intoxication, checking identification, and handling difficult situations. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board RAMP certification.

So You Want to be an Event Planner...
Ever dream of working as a wedding coordinator or a corporate events planner? Want to get a glimpse into what the job is like before getting started or making a transition? This class will give you an overview of what it is like to work in the event planning industry, which can help you decide if the job is right for you.

Principles of Meeting & Event Management
Do you want to have insight into how the event planning industry works and gain the tools and knowledge on how to plan a successful event? This class will get you acquainted with the basics of event planning from selecting a location to working onsite the day of the event to post event evaluation. Some of the topics that will be covered in the two sessions include site selection, proposals and contracts, working with vendors, registration, room set-ups and event design, audiovisual, and onsite management.

Event Sales & Marketing
This core class will provide participants with the tools they need to successfully develop and maintain a client base in the competitive event world. Topics will include creating and following a marketing plan, the sales process, business development strategies, and client relationship building. The class will include role-playing exercises illustrating hospitality sales scenarios.

The Business of Weddings
This course will give participants an understanding of what it is like to plan and manage weddings and social events. Topics will include meeting with the clients, working with vendors and sites, timelines, budgets, and onsite coordination. Special considerations and the challenges associated with weddings will be identified and discussed.

Tradeshows & Exhibits
Are you interested in producing and managing tradeshows and exhibits for corporations? This course will provide you with the tools you need to effectively plan and coordinate tradeshow and exhibit booths and events. Some of the topics covered will include designing your booth, maximizing your space, selecting a location on the floor, working with unions, minimizing expenses, and engaging your exhibit visitors.

Festival Management
The Lehigh Valley is an area that is home to many annual festivals and special events. This course will give participants an inside look at the logistics, planning, and management of large outdoor festivals that attract thousands of attendees. Topics will include planning, permits and community involvement, security, food and beverage, transportation, entertainment, sponsorships, staffing and volunteers, and working with vendors.

Destination Lehigh Valley
Destination Lehigh Valley provides training and motivation for travel and tourism professionals and local business owners who meet visitors and the general public. Developed through a partnership with Discover Lehigh Valley, this series of training sessions explores the positive impact of regionalism as it relates to tourism and business development, as well as teaches best practices for providing outstanding customer service.

The Media Technology Lab
Have you ever been asked to set up an LCD projector for a presentation or been called in to help when a presenter can't get his presentation onto the laptop? Knowing how to use media technology and how to troubleshoot when something goes wrong (which it always does!) is becoming part of all of our jobs. Get ahead by taking this course which will give you the tools and knowledge on how to use some of the most common media technologies including LCD projectors, microphones, and video conferencing equipment.

Heartsaver CPR/AED and First Aid for the Hospitality Industry
This course provides the lay rescuer with the knowledge and skills needed to recognize medical, injury and environmental emergencies at the workplace and to provide first aid. Also provides instruction on Adult CPR and use of the AED.

Food Service Sanitation
The Serving Safe Food Certification Course compiled by the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association is one of the most complete food safety training courses available in the food service industry. Topics including receiving, storing, and preparing food safely; holding, serving, and reheating food; applying knowledge and conducting employee training. Students will take the certification exam during the last class. Textbook available in college bookstore.

Basic Spanish Skills for Hospitality Personnel
If you work in or plan to work in the Hospitality or food service fields and wish to communicate more effectively with your Hispanic workers and co-workers then this course is for you. Course will include industry specific vocabulary, how to assign tasks, follow-up, correct and praise behavior, key cultural differences and team building tips. Your knowledge of basic Spanish will increase productivity, improve service, build teamwork, motivation, and rapport and ultimately increase employee retention. Textbook required available from college bookstore.

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