Leadership Lehigh Valley

Leadership Lehigh Valley

A Brief History . . .

In 2013, Leadership Lehigh Valley (LLV) became a program of Northampton Community College's Center for Business & Industry (CBI). CBI is proud to include LLV as part of its highly regarded Leadership Learning and Development division.

In the late 1980's, several business and community leaders identified the need to provide a program that would educate future community advocates and from that LLV was created. These visionary founders began to identify men and women who could impact not-for-profit organizations and social service agencies. The program focused on preparing individuals for community service and for using their managerial and leadership skills to make the Lehigh Valley a better place for all.

Building on the base of a solid program, CBI researched, surveyed and redesigned LLV. The result is a completely revamped and refocused program which continually seeks to incorporate best practice and current topics in leadership.

LLV continues to be a distinctive forum for leadership development, regional and nonprofit education and networking. In addition to its commitment to develop leadership capability in those participating, this program stresses applying leadership skills to benefit the community through service. Participants in the program will...

  • Learn the best practices of effective leaders in order to benefit their organizations;
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the problems, opportunities and resources existing within the communities of the Lehigh Valley;
  • Identify a field of community involvement for which they can advocate, support and/or serve

LLV participants are . . .

People who are looking for ways to enhance their leadership skills, and people who are interested in learning more about the region and how it operates in terms of Government, Education, Social Services and Culture among other topics. Participants actively engage in their own learning.

Program Specifics

The program runs for a total of 11 days over 10 months, one day a month from September until June. The only exception is the October session, which is a mandatory two day leadership retreat. Beyond the scheduled program, participants will manage their own outside class time as needed to complete their team assignments. Program days typically run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. There are times that participants will be on site visits or will be engaged in volunteer work. The dates for the class of '24 are listed below:

  • September 14, 2023
  • October 12 and 13, 2023 (2 day leadership retreat)
  • November 9, 2023
  • December 14, 2023
  • January 18, 2024
  • February 15, 2024
  • March 14, 2024
  • April 18, 2024
  • May 16, 2024
  • June 6, 2024

LLV is an open enrollment program of CBI. Participants are often nominated by their organizations to attend, but people may also enroll themselves.  Class size is limited to 25 participants.  If the class is full, you can be waitlisted in the event of a cancellation or you can be put on the roster for the next class.

Tuition for the ten-month program is $2,800 per person, to be paid at the time of registration. Payment reserves a place on the program roster. Tuition covers all costs associated with the program including training, materials and meals.


Participants will benefit from a 10 month long leadership immersion program. While a goal of LLV is to prepare leaders to serve and be instrumental in sustaining a healthy community in the Lehigh Valley, the leadership and networking opportunities will also benefit the organization. Participants will serve and represent your organization to the broader region. LLV is a very unique learning lab for leadership and participants will apply their learnings back to their paying job.

Participants will be able to immediately apply their leadership learnings to their jobs. Other benefits are focused on networking and getting to know other classmates, learning about the Valley and joining an impressive network of alumni - people who are involved in and care about their community.  

Beyond LLV . . .
Many participants will join nonprofit boards in the Lehigh Valley. Others will become volunteers and advocates for issues about which they are passionate. All participants will be encouraged to actively engage in helping sustain a healthy and vibrant Lehigh Valley.   For information on Leadership Lehigh Valley, please email cbi@northampton.edu or contact:

  • Ann Raines, 610.861.5431 / araines@northampton.edu
  • Shelly Mule, 610.861.5064 / smule@northampton.edu
  • Wendy Stehly, 610.861.5590 / wstehly@northampton.edu