English as a Second Language

Whether English is your second, third, or fourth language, Northampton's English as a Second Language (ESL) program will help you learn and improve your English. We offer academic, full-semester, credit classes that help get you ready for college-level classes and help you master English skills essential to academic work, careers, and day-to-day conversation.

Students can choose to study full-time or part-time in morning, afternoon, or evening classes. Whether you just want to improve your English skills or prepare for a degree program, NCC's ESL classes can help. Residents, citizens, and international students from over 70 countries have studied here, so you're in great company!

NCC offers four levels of English classes, from beginner to advanced. We offer courses in five major skill areas: reading, writing, speaking, vocabulary, and pronunciation, as well as courses covering topics such as using computer technology, culture, and how to succeed in college.

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"The ESL program at NCC was a great experience! . . . I came only knowing a little bit of English, but after taking ESL courses and being helped by ESL teachers, I was able to successfully start pursuing my goal of becoming a Registered Nurse."
- Natcha Rojrattana, Thailand

"My experience with ESL at NCC was the first and most important piece of my US education. . . . I would definitely recommend NCC and its highly efficient ESL program."     
- Manuel De Sousa, France

"My experience with ESL at Northampton Community College was phenomenal. I had amazing professors and classmates from whom I learnt a lot. . . . Those classes facilitated my transition into my major courses. . . . I was ready for the challenges that were brought to me."
- Nadjarathou Raicha Kamara, Ivory Coast  

"All the teachers I had made me look forward to coming to class and improved my English language skills, which inspired me to keep going with my education at NCC. I graduated from NCC in May 2017, with honors, earning a degree in Computer Science."
- Mina Mouine, Morocco