Exploratory Studies Program @NCC

Are you deciding what interests you want to follow? Are you deciding where your passions lie? Then NCC's Exploratory Studies Program is made for you! It is not uncommon to discover a career path as you are pursuing your education. Exploring your options makes you adaptable, and being thoughtful, innovative, and adaptable are among the critical characteristics needed to meet the diverse demands of careers today.

This program provides a unique opportunity for you to investigate a well-rounded selection of studies in social, cultural, behavioral, scientific, and technologically-related subjects. From the first day of the semester to graduation, NCC Success Navigators, Faculty Advisors, and Career Development staff will help to guide this search for your passion and purpose.

Why Pursue the Exploratory Studies Program?

The curriculum allows you to transfer NCC credits to a four-year degree, declare a major at NCC, or expand career possibilities in the ever-changing job market with the completion of a degree at NCC. The aim of the program in any of these scenarios is the same: to uncover, develop, and strengthen your talents for future academic and career success. Like all academic programs at NCC, Exploratory Studies provides experiences for honest self-appraisal, increasing your confidence, ultimately transforming uncertainty into assuredness and potential into possibility.

Is a Major Required?

Although you aren't required to major in a particular area of study, we suggest that you focus on an area of interest to make for a smoother transition to a four-year college. The core curriculum provides a strong background in social sciences that you can complement with electives in subjects such as the arts, business, communication studies, diversity, global awareness, and science.

You may not know exactly what you want to study, but beginning with the Exploratory Studies Program will provide a foundation for your future. Request more information today!


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Degrees We Offer

  • Associate in Arts | 2 years
  • This program can be taken 100% online
  • This entire program can be completed at our Monroe Campus
  • This entire program can be completed at our Bethlehem Campus
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Program Map View General Studies, AA Suggested Semester Map (PDF)

Careers in Exploratory Studies Program

Students who complete the Exploratory Studies Program earn an associates degree in General Studies.  This degree prepares you to enter a variety of fields like sales, clerical, banking or customer service. Most jobs you qualify for will be at the entry level for the career.

Exploratory Studies Program Career Paths

  • Transfer to a NCC Program
  • Transfer to 4 year institution
  • Begin an entry level career

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"NCC definitely felt like a hometown, family atmosphere and an all-around tight community."

-Joel Ivory ’03, NCC film and editing alum


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