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NCC's Fine Art program helps develop a student's artistic interest and strengths. As students build their portfolio, they will be encouraged to develop creativity through discovery. Exposure to career opportunities and educational options is an integral part of the program. By the end of the fourth semester, the disciplined and self-motivated student will draw from examples of all coursework for transfer to a college, university or art school. The successful student will also develop the skills in presentation needed to pursue a career in the visual arts.

Drawings, paintings, sculptures, ceramics and photography will showcase a deeper understanding of the student's own ideas. The Individual Studio/Professional Practices course gives students the opportunity to gain a greater knowledge of the art world through visits to museums, galleries and art centers in New York City, Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley. In addition, students will speak with curators, gallery directors, art museum personnel and a visiting professional artist who will help guide and critique their work.

The Art faculty at NCC hold exhibitions in Communications Hall with open receptions to give students a chance to see their work and to talk to them about it.

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Degrees We Offer

  • Associate in Arts | 2 years
  • This entire program can be completed at our Bethlehem Campus
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Careers in Fine Art

A career in art is not limited to being a painter of canvases which get framed and sold in a gallery. Behind every piece of art in a newspaper, magazine, book, poster, brochure, website or display piece, there's usually a commercial artist or a team of artists. Those interested in truly trying to make a career in one of the fine arts fields know that art is everywhere - from computer animation to film and TV stage sets. If art students truly apply themselves, they can pursue their passion not just in work created to hang in museums, but also in teaching art, art history or photography.

Fine Art Career Paths

  • art educators
  • visual art related careers

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