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Step into a welding career with hands-on, interactive learning using cutting-edge industry tools at Northampton Community College. This welding program is flexible to your schedule: you can study full-time or part-time in daytime or evening courses, and you can choose to pursue a Welding Fundamentals Specialized Diploma, Welding and Fabrication Certificate, or Associate in Applied Science degree in Welding Technology. Our Bethlehem, PA–based welding programs prepare you for certifications from the American Welding Society (AWS), including the AWS SENSE certification.

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Degree Programs

Semesters: 4
Credits: 68
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Campus: Bethlehem
Program Type: Associate in Applied Science

Gain marketable skills from experience using state-of-the-art welding equipment and interpreting blueprints to practice as a team player, critical thinker, and decision-maker in the highly technical welding trade. With a welding associate degree, you’ll develop professional attitudes, values, and ethics in preparation for your career or to transfer to a four-year bachelor’s degree program.

Semesters: 3
Credits: 50
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Campus: Bethlehem
Program Type: Certificate

Whether you’re starting out as a welder, changing careers, or looking to update your skills and certification, the welding and fabrication certificate program will equip you with hands-on practice and techniques to excel in the welding trade. Our state-of-the-art welding facilities and coursework are designed to prepare you for American Welding Society certification. Your credits from the certificate can also be applied to our welding technology A.A.S. degree, which you may choose to pursue after gaining further professional experience.

Semesters: 2
Credits: 27
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Campus: Bethlehem
Program Type: Specialized Diploma

Advance your existing welding skills or fast-track into a welding profession with NCC’s specialized diploma in welding fundamentals. You’ll learn pipe welding, advanced plate welding, OSHA standards, and gas tungsten arc & semiautomatic welding processes, plus essential abilities in professional teamwork and maintaining high quality standards. With the specialized diploma, you can take an entry-level welding job or continue your education by applying your credits to NCC’s certificate and A.A.S. welding programs.


Program Information

As a graduate from one of NCC’s welding programs in PA, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the proper use of Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) in short circuit and spray transfer mode, Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW), and Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) equipment

  • Produce flat position padding and horizontal position tee joint fillet type welds with the GMAW, FCAW, and SAW processes that consistently meet the requirements of the American Welding Society

  • Identify common GMAW, FCAW, and SAW discontinuities, and explain what causes their occurrence and how they negatively impact the weld

  • Demonstrate the proper use of Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) and Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC) equipment

  • Identify common GTAW discontinuities and explain what causes their occurrence and how they negatively impact the quality of the weld

  • Produce flat position padding with Torch Brazing (TB)

Our location in Bethlehem, PA is at the heart of Pennsylvania’s industrial strip, making NCC an ideal place to launch your welding career. Here, 90% of your learning will be hands-on in our leading-edge Hartzell Advanced Technology Hall and through our extensive network of area employers.

As a welding professional, you’ll need academic and technical competence in fabricating and reading blueprints, industrial heat treating, metallurgy, and safety protocols. At NCC, you’ll develop your troubleshooting skills, theoretical knowledge, and on-the-ground expertise to stand out in this high-demand industry. Our campus resources, like Career Services, can connect you with competitive welding opportunities locally and around the state. NCC’s welding associate degree also prepares you to pursue further study at a four-year institution.

Completing your associate's degree, certificate or specialized diploma in Welding at Northampton Community College can drastically reduce the overall cost of your welding education. Our tuition and fees are some of the most affordable in the region. On top of the low upfront costs, you can also take advantage of NCC’s substantial financial aid and scholarship opportunities—we have one of the largest community college scholarship programs in Pennsylvania!


Career Opportunities

Your welding career will require technical competence as well as communication and administrative responsibilities such as determining operations, materials, timeframes, and safety measures necessary to complete projects according to diagrams, sketches, and blueprints. Welders work in a wide variety of industries, including shipbuilding, automotive, construction, and manufacturing. You may pair your professional training from NCC with Certified Welder or Certified Welding Fabricator credentials and pursue roles like:

Future Career Paths

  • Sheet Metal Worker
  • Structural & Presssure Vessel Welder
  • Autobody Repairer
  • Maintenance Repair Technician
  • Welder Fabricator
  • Business Owner
  • Welding Assistant
  • Pipefitter/Steamfitter Welder
  • Pipeline Welder
  • Welding Shop Foreman

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Learn More about NCC’s Welding Programs

With 90% experiential learning, Northampton Community College prepares you to launch into a welding career. Choose from the Welding Fundamentals Specialized Diploma (S.D.), Welding and Fabrication Certificate, or Welding Technology Associate of Applied Sciences (A.A.S.) degree and enter a high-demand industry where NCC graduates are highly sought-after.

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