Methods of Payment

Select from one of the following payment options to learn more:

Paying your bills on line via Workday is convenient and simple. You can access the system by clicking here or from the Logins menu on our homepage. Once you have logged in, follow the directions for paying your tuition bill.


How to Make a Payment (PDF)


Important Information about Paying Via Workday

  • Only click the submit button one time. Clicking this button multiple times may cause your card to be charged more than once.
  • If your payment was authorized, you will receive a receipt page. You can view your Bursar Tuition Bill again to see the payment reflected.
  • If you received a receipt page but your payment is NOT reflected on your Bursar Tuition Bill, DO NOT make another payment. Contact the Bursar's Office to review your account before making subsequent payments.
  • If your payment was declined, you will need to find an alternate payment method. NCC does not accept credit card payment over the telephone.
  • NCC is not responsible for multiple payments erroneously authorized by the cardholder or for any fraudulent use of a credit card. Multiple payments resulting in overpayment of an account will be verified and refunded according to the college's refund policy. Only accounts with a credit balance can be refunded.
  • Refunds may take up to 14 days to process from the date we verify a refund is due.

The Bursar's Office handles the payment and refund side of the Financial Aid process. This means that we receive the payments, whether they are loans, grants or scholarships, and then apply those funds to the financial aid recipient's tuition bill.

Read more for information about applying for Financial Aid.

Any remaining funds are refunded to the student and may also be used for one of the following educational purposes:

Books & Supplies

Use up to 100% of your credit balance (maximum allowed $1,200) to purchase required textbooks and supplies at any NCC Bookstore. Amounts and percentages of credit allowed for purchases are set by NCC each semester and NCC reserves the right to decrease allowable amounts in future semesters.

Note: Certain types of third-party funding may not be available until 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester and may only allow purchase of required textbooks. 

Only students with excess financial aid can access a book credit. 

NCC Childcare

Pay for childcare services received at the NCC Children's Center.

To transfer funds to a childcare account, visit the Bursar's Office at either the Bethlehem or Pocono campus enrollment office to fill out a transfer request form.


Excess financial aid that is not used for other purposes will be refunded to the student. Read more information on financial aid student refunds.

Did you know you can spread your tuition bill over several months without paying interest?


View Northampton's payment plan options today.

Payment by Mail


  • Mail form and payment to:
    Bursar's Office
    Northampton Community College
    3835 Green Pond Road
    Bethlehem, PA 18020
  • Please include your Student ID# on your check.
  • NCC cannot screen for post-dated checks. Post-dated checks that are returned by the bank will subject the student to a Return Check Fee.
  • When paying by mail, your check will be your receipt.

Payment by Drop Box


A drop box is available on the Bethlehem Campus and is located to the right of the main entrance to the Student Enrollment Center, 3835 Green Pond Road, Bethlehem, PA 18020.

The Pocono Campus drop box is located near the entrance to Keystone Hall, 2411 Rt. 715, Tannersville, PA. 18372

  • Drop box payments may be made using by check or money order. NCC does not accept cash payments in the drop box. We are not responsible for any cash dropped in the box.
  • Please include your student ID # on your check.
  • Enclose your payment and information in an envelope.
  • Payment is for credit registration only. Noncredit payment is due at the time of registration. Please do not drop registration forms in this box.

NCC also accepts TAP529/College Savings Plan payments. For full details on this option, click the link below.


View more information

We are pleased to offer the convenience of wire transfer payment. If you wish to make a payment through this method, please contact the bursar's office at 610.861.5407 to obtain the information you will need to make the transfer.


After transfer is made you must email to notify the NCC Bursar's Office of your wire.


In your email, including the following:

  • Student Name
  • Student ID Number
  • Payer Name
  • Amount Wired
  • Date of Wire


Failure to notify the Bursar's Office of the incoming wire transfer can result in your payment posting being delayed by 45 days or more.

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