Non-Campus Trip Reporting Form

College Sponsored Trips to Non-Campus Locations Online Form

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (“Clery Act”) requires Northampton Community College to report publicly on any crimes that occur on College premises - a requirement that includes rental properties and College sponsored trips to off-campus locations under certain circumstances.  College personnel who are responsible for students on College-sponsored trips (both domestic and international) are considered “Campus Security Authorities (“CSAs”) under the law, and are legally obligated to report those crimes.

To comply with the law, this form MUST be completed for ANY College sponsored travel to off campus locations that involves either:

  • the rental of a room or facility (excluding lodging) for any length of time 
  • or lodging for two or more nights
  • or lodging for only one night if there is repeated use by our students (for example: stay in that same hotel/lodging each year )

Key considerations to ask yourself for "Trips to Off-Campus Locations":

  • Is this is a Northampton Community College sponsored trip? (To report, the trip must be sponsored by NCC)
  • We need to know if there is a written agreement of any type? (Indicate on reporting form )
  • Is this a repeated use of a location for College sponsored trips? (For example if NCC sponsors students on an overnight trip every year and our students stay in the same hotel each year it must be reported)
  • If the host institution, make all of the housing arrangements for our visiting students? (Please explain details on the arrangements in space provided on this reporting form)

Please answer every question, if unknown please enter "unknown" or N/A.


Public Safety will use this information to evaluate whether or not crimes that occur during this trip are required to be reported in order to maintain compliance with the Clery Act.

Questions can be asked via email to either or by phone at 610-332-6362.

Should I submit the Trip Reporting Form?

Submit the form below if your trip is:

  • College-sponsored overnight trip at repeat lodging location
  • College-sponsored short-stay “away” trips of more than one night
  • College-sponsored field trip to locations owned or controlled by the university (no overnight stay required)

Do Not submit the form if your trip is:

  • College-sponsored filed trip at locations that the college does not own or control (i.e. no overnight stays or contractual agreements for control of space)
  • One night, college-sponsored trip (not a repeat trip to repeat location)
  • Non-college sponsored private trips by students regardless of length of trip

Trip Reporting Form

Please fill out the form below:

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