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Embark on an immersive journey into the world of luthiery. The Luthier Program at the Martin Guitar Foundation Luthier Lab at Northampton Community College (NCC) goes beyond the art of building guitars, integrating essential elements such as OSHA training and brand strategy development to ensure a well-rounded education for aspiring luthiers. Students construct acoustic and electric guitars and learn essential skills to create unique instruments through in-depth courses such as hand carving, inlay, and CNC machining. Expert instructors guide students through traditional and modern techniques, from basic woodworking to custom-designed bodies, and ensure each student emerges with the skills to create instruments of exceptional quality and sound.



The Luthier Certificate Program is a five-month journey with full-time classes Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. All classes are located at the Martin Guitar Foundation Luthier Lab at the NCC Fowler Campus in Bethlehem, Pa. The Fall 2024 Semester starts on August 19th and concludes on December 20th.

The 5-month program provides top-of-the-line education to enhance your guitar-building skills and business development. Students will build seven (7) stringed instruments and complete courses complimentary to the luthier field to ensure a well-rounded education for aspiring luthiers, including OSHA-10 training and brand strategy development.

The journey to becoming a luthier is not only about building stringed instruments, it is also about learning how to establish a unique identity in the luthier market. By exploring the fundamentals of branding, logo design, and marking, students will establish a compelling narrative to effectively market in the industry.

In five months, students will build the following seven (7) stringed instruments:

  • Martin Style Parlor
  • Flat-Top Electric – Five template choice
  • Martin Style Orchestral Model (OM/OOO)
  • Carved Top Electric – Les Paul
  • Tenor Ukulele
  • Custom Electric
  • Custom Acoustic designed by student (Capstone Final Project)
  • See Guitar Specs for more details about each build

Along with the courses, these additional workshops are provided at no additional cost:

  • Art of Inlay from former Martin Guitar Custom Shop Artist, Sean Brandle
  • Decorative heel carving from National Award Winner Dave Dion
  • 3D Modeling custom guitar body/neck
  • Comprehensive guitar finishing

Room and board is available for all students at an additional cost. See FAQs for more info on Room and Board.


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Not sure if you want to become a Luthier? Try building a guitar during our One-Week Intensive Guitar Building Class! Students choose either an OM or 000 Martin Style acoustic guitar. Click here for more information.

The Fall 2024 Semester starts August 19, 2024. Apply Today

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