Veterinary Medicine
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Why This Program

NCC's veterinary technician program is a joint collaboration with Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC) and is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association. In addition to completing science courses and labs at NCC's Bethlehem Campus, students take part in on-site clinical training at LCCC's veterinary technician barn, where hands-on experience includes working with animals both large and small, and both domestic and exotic. Students develop the latest techniques and skills while working with industry professionals to properly diagnose and treat animals that need a general checkup, are suffering from any variety of ailments, or may need a surgical procedure.


Veterinary Technician is a fall-start clinical program. The application opens October 1 and must be completed by March 15.


This is a selective program, please carefully review all provided information and requirements.


Admission Requirements

Program Details

Semesters: 6

Credits: 69

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Locations: Bethlehem

Program Overview:

If you love animals and want a career that keeps you in constant contact with them, being a Veterinary Technician is an affordable and accessible way to achieve your goal. Veterinary technicians are animal care professionals. Vet techs are knowledgeable in the care and handling of various species, basic principles of normal and abnormal life processes, laboratory and clinical procedures and veterinary medical and surgical nursing.

Program Information

If you are a Northampton Community College student living outside of Pennsylvania or intending to complete an internship or clinical placement outside of the state in a NCC program leading to professional licensure, you should review requirements on the state board website to make sure that the program qualifies.


Licensure requirements vary from state to state and you may require additional authorization from the professional licensing agency in that state. Participating in a program from outside of Pennsylvania, if not properly authorized by that state's professional licensing board, could result in loss of licensing eligibility. If you need help or have questions, please contact the Program Director for more information.

Future Career Paths

Graduates of the program can expect to find jobs as Veterinary Technicians, in biologic research labs, as Lab Animal Technicians, in small and large animal practices, in exotics and specialty practices, at zoos, with wildlife rehabilitation centers, and with pharmaceutical companies, teaching institutes, diagnostic labs, aquariums, animal shelters, and animal feed companies. Veterinary Technicians perform many of the same tasks for veterinarians that nurses and other professionals perform for physicians. These tasks include general animal care, surgical assistance, laboratory tests, x-rays, anesthesia, and critical care.

  • Veterinary Technician
  • Lab Animal Technician
  • Large Animal Practice
  • Zoos
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  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Diagnostic Labs
  • Animal Shelters
  • Biologic Research Labs
  • Small Animal Practice
  • Exotics and Specialty Practices
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers
  • Teaching Institutes
  • Aquariums
  • Animal Feed Companies

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