Mental Wellness on Campus

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Together, we find   Hope, we grow   Resilience, we   Inspire, we have a   Voice, we are   Empowered


THRIVE is an alliance of students, staff, and faculty who are committed to promoting mental wellness, organizing suicide prevention activities, and de-stigmatizing mental illness.


THRIVE Ambassadors are students who attend THRIVE meetings, create positive mental health and wellness programs, support their peers, and advocate for change.


You can also check out the THRIVE website to keep up to date on the latest Wellness Wednesdays activities.


Suicide Prevention Plan (PDF)


NCC Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP)

NCC CRP is a group of students, all in recovery from substance abuse disorder who support each other in their academic and recovery endeavors. Its goal is to provide an enriched sober environment in which students in recovery can achieve academic success.


Internal Web Resources

Mental Health Practitioner Forms (PDF)


Mental Health Providors (PDF)


Psychiatry Referral List (PDF)


Online Mental Health Screenings

These quick, anonymous screenings for anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, substance addiction, eating disorders, PTSD, and psychosis are not intended to provide diagnoses but can help you identify signs that you or someone you know might benefit from professional consultation and services. 



External Web Resources

HelpGuide is a useful online resource full of information about mental wellness, mental health issues, and relationships.


The Steve Fund is an online resource dedicated to the mental health and emotional well-being of students of color.


Community and Online Resources for COVID-19 and Mental Wellness


FACE COVID eBook by Russ Harris is an online resource providing support for overcoming substance misuse.

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