NCC Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP)

Our Mission:

To provide an enriched sober environment in which students in recovery can achieve academic success.


Who we are:

A group of NCC students all in recovery from substance use disorders who support each other in our academic and recovery endeavors!


What we are:

  • Voluntary
  • Anonymous
  • Welcoming of any type of recovery path
  • Tailored for students who are committed/active in their recovery
  • An opportunity for those in recovery to relate, enjoy, and support each other during their time at NCC

What we are not:

  • A treatment program
  • Structured therapy
  • Affiliated with any 12-step program (AA, NA, GA)

CRP Goals:

  • Build a system of support, non-judgment and fellowship among students in recovery
  • Provide sober activities
  • Encourage healthy coping skills
  • Develop strong partnerships within and outside the college
  • Reduce the stigma around addiction and recovery
  • Enhance the NCC experience for students in recovery and their cohort by engagement and collaboration
  • Graduate!

What Does the NCC CRP Do?

  • Support students' recovery
  • Weekly meetings
  • Volunteer work
  • Field trips
  • Professional conferences
  • Mindfulness/Meditation

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