Refund Disbursements and Flex Accounts

Refunds will be paid to the student according to their original method of payment with the exception of A) contractual third party payments – refund payable to third party named, and B) excess parent plus loan funds – refund payable to the parent unless designated otherwise. Refunds for amounts paid to NCC by check are not processed until 2 weeks after the payment was deposited.


BankMobile Disbursements Program

Northampton Community College delivers your refund with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc.  Click here to view our third-party servicer contract for refund management.


All NCC credit program students should select a refund preference in order to receive tuition (paid by check/money order) or financial aid refunds as soon as it is available (See Refund Policies). An email will be sent to their NCC student email and a letter will be mailed from BMTX, Inc giving instructions to select their refund preference. For more information go to

Remember to keep your address information updated with both NCC and BMTX, Inc.


Credit Card Refunds

Refunds are processed within 10 business days from the date refund is created to the original card used for payment. If in the event the credit card is unable to be refunded, the student will receive a NCC check.


Before you register for classes make sure your address with NCC is correct!

Online address update is available through Workday. You can also visit the Bethlehem Campus Records Office or Pocono Campus Enrollment Office or complete and submit the Change of Student Information form. Remember to keep your address information updated with both NCC and BMTX, Inc.


Spartan Flex Account

The NCC Spartan Card is your official NCC Photo ID. Your Spartan Card also allows you to take advantage of NCC services with the ease of not carrying cash. Use it to make purchases using your flex dollars in any NCC dining facility, bookstore and selected vending machines. The card is also used for library services and to access residence halls and selected labs.


Get Your NCC ID

Flex Account FAQ

Flex dollars allows you to make purchases with the benefit and ease of not carrying cash. You can use flex dollars at the following locations:

  • Food Court
  • Bookstore
  • Library
  • Selected Vending Machines
  • Hampton Winds Restaurant
  • Spartan's Den

When your NCC Spartan Card is presented to the cashier, the amount of the purchase is deducted from your flex account.

Residence hall students and first semester apartment residents with an existing meal plan account automatically receive $200 in flex dollars for the semester. They may add additional dollars to their flex account at any time to supplement their current meal plan. The initial $200 is non-refundable and these initial dollars can only be spent at the Snack Bar in Residence Hall and at the Food Court in College Center. Additional deposits above the $200 are kept in a separate fund and are always refundable and can be used in the bookstore in addition to the Snack Bar and Food Court.

Visit the Bursar's Office-Bethlehem Campus or the Enrollment Services Office-Monroe Campus and ask to open a flex account. A minimum of $25.00 is required to open a flex account.

Visit the Bursar's Office-Bethlehem Campus or the Enrollment Services Office-Monroe Campus. A minimum of $10.00 is required for additions to an existing account.


If you are using financial aid to pay for flex, you can transfer excess aid up to a maximum of $300 per semester by completing and submitting the Student Account Authorization Form.


You can also make an online payment here. Scroll down until you see "Spartan Flex" and click "view details." Fill in the information, click "add to cart," click "check out" and enter your card information to make a payment.

Your flex account balance will remain available for you to use in future semesters.

You may request a refund at any time you decide to close your flex account. Submit the Flex Account Close or Refund (PDF) request to close your flex account and request a refund of any unused balance to the Bursar Office in Bethlehem. (Please note that student meal plan flex funds are non-refundable and must be used prior to the end of the semester.)

You should immediately notify the Bursar's Office in Bethlehem and the VP of Student Affairs Office. Monroe Campus students should contact the Student Services Office. Your current card will be deactivated so that it cannot be used to access your meal or flex funds. You should visit the VP of Student Affairs Office or the Monroe Campus Student Services Office as soon as possible to replace the lost card. Upon replacement, your new card will be the only card that can access your meal and/or flex funds. Cost of card replacement is currently $10.00 which can be paid through your Workday account.

NCC is not responsible for meal or flex funds accessed through a lost card.

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