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Why Study Journalism and Professional Writing at NCC?

Assemble news stories, multimedia projects and corporate messaging that share vital information across multiple platforms. The Associate in Arts (AA) in Journalism, Media and Professional Writing degree program at Northampton Community College (NCC) empowers you to dive into a writing career or transfer to a four-year university.

This program on our Bethlehem campus — with partially online study options available — is ideal for high school graduates with strong writing skills and an avid interest in current events.


Learn To Write for Multimedia

Cultivate skills essential for today’s fast-paced, ever-changing media environments. The associate degree in journalism and professional writing program equips you to write and produce for newspaper, magazine, television, radio, web, social media and multimedia formats. Gain highly marketable skills in business communications, photography, editing and other transferable competencies editors and executives prize.


Develop Your Expertise in Journalism or Business Writing

NCC’s flexible journalism and professional writing degree program offers two concentrations: Journalism or Business Writing. In the Journalism concentration, study precedent and practice skills for reporting news of interest in multiple media contexts. Choose the Business Writing concentration to develop skills suitable for public relations and corporate communication settings, along with a greater emphasis on multicultural communication. Your academic advisor can help you determine which path is the best fit for your career goals.


What You’ll Learn in This Program

Craft narratives and prepare content pieces to clearly convey facts, figures and news stories to diverse groups. The writing and journalism program at Northampton empowers you to understand your legal and ethical responsibilities, prepare copy in Associated Press (AP) style, write attention-grabbing headlines and captions, build and reach audiences, and master the fundamentals of today’s complex multimedia landscape.

Program Details

Semesters: 4

Credits: 63

College Catalog: View Curriculum

Program Map: Download PDF

Locations: Bethlehem

Program Overview:

Become familiar with writing for print and online media. The journalism concentration emphasizes research, developing stories, and producing content that is both informative and attention-grabbing. Learn to write engaging articles using AP style guidelines and cultivate an understanding of your ethical and legal responsibilities as a journalist.

Semesters: 4

Credits: 63

College Catalog: View Curriculum

Program Map: Download PDF

Locations: Bethlehem

Program Overview:

Apply journalism and writing skills in corporate public relations and other business communications environments. Develop proficiency in navigating the reporting and publication process, and build your repertoire of understanding and techniques for clear communication in our multicultural society.

JOUR101 Journalism and Society
JOUR102 News Editing
JOUR104 Media Publication
JOUR201G Feature Writing
JOUR202 Social Media for Writers
JOUR204 Newswriting
JOUR210 Journalism Practicum
JOUR203G Writing for Public Relations
BUSA221G Business Communications
ECON201 Macroeconomics

Tuition and Financial Aid

The associate degree in journalism and professional writing program at NCC is among the most affordable journalism programs in Pennsylvania. We ensure accessibility for as many students as possible through low tuition and fees and our wide-reaching scholarship program — one of the largest among the state’s community colleges!

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Gain Hands-On Experience

Practice, practice, practice: that’s what you’ll do as you research, write and edit for The Commuter, our highly regarded student newspaper that covers events and news stories on and around our three campuses. Like many NCC students, you may also pursue internship placements with local and national news organizations!

Career Paths for Journalism and Writing Majors

Professional writers take on complex communication challenges to convey detailed information in accessible content. As a technical writer, you may prepare guides, instruction manuals, supporting documentation, indexes and journal articles for clients, products and companies. These roles are typically well-compensated, with a median annual pay of nearly $80,000 in 2022 (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Similarly, the challenging and vital work of trained journalists remains essential in a world complicated by easily falsified images and fast-moving online narratives. Join the ranks of hard-working reporters, analysts and journalists dedicated to sharing factual information and uncovering the truth. Salaries in this field average over $55,000 per year — higher than the average across all occupations — and include roles with organizations like:

  • Regional Newspapers
  • National Newspapers
  • Web Publications
  • Corporate Communications Offices
  • Digital News Outlets
  • Public Relations Firms

Student Spotlight

Working for The Commuter has given me real experience that is expected within journalism. By juggling demanding deadlines, interviewing sources and reporting on live events, I have benefitted immensely and have been able to explore various writing styles and new topics.

Kaitlyn Seawood, Alumni
Journalism, Media, and Professional Writing

Kaitlyn Seawood

Need Help Deciding?

Get in touch with our team to learn more about what it’s like to study at NCC and why our professional writing degree program will be a strong starting block for your career!

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Learn More About NCC’s Journalism and Professional Writing Associate Degree

Gain critical awareness of the diverse functions of media and its effects on society and culture. Practice the writing, editing and media literacy skills needed to succeed in your career or transfer program through NCC’s Associate in Arts in Journalism, Media and Professional Writing degree — apply today!

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